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    Madden Marketplace is where you can buy and sell Items and Packs.

    There’s Store for buying Packs, Item Exchange where you can exchange Items from The Bench for various currencies, and Auction for buying and selling players.

    Buying Packs in the Store
    Buy Packs individually or in bundles to improve your team. Get them from the Store in the Marketplace.

    Use your Coins or Cash to buy them. You can buy some Packs with either Coins or Cash while others are Cash-only or Coins-only.

    Featured shows the hot, new offers. Check them out to see what’s new.
    Currency is where you can buy Madden Cash in different bundles.
    Packs will show you all the Packs that are available to buy.
    Go to Hub will take you back to the home screen if you’re not already on it.

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